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I was walking through downtown Victoria, en route to get the police reports and it's evident that all preparations are being made for Victoria's first ever BootFest.

I even asked my Question of the Day on the event during lunch.

I may head out to check it out, but to be quite honest, I'm the complete opposite of what BootFest stands for.

I'm not a county music fan, I don't own Western wear and I'm about as well-versed in the livestock world as I am in neurology; which is about zilch.

BootFest seems like a great thing, though. It's something that helps bring together the community and it's something to do.

But is Victoria really all about boots? I've met a lot of people who think so and a lot of people who think not.

Business reporter Allison Miles reported on the entire boots mania back in February.

The comments generated in that story were on both sides of the coin.

So here is a strictly hypothetical question: What would you peg Victoria as? What would your campaign for our city be?

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