Blogs » The Daily Dose » Question of the Day: What holiday do you get most excited about?


Advocate reporter Jennifer Preyss will have a story in Friday's Advocate about a local couple who go all out with decorations for Halloween.

There is so many other holidays to choose from, so what is your favorite?

Personally, I love Halloween. Something about it just makes me happy. It's great weather and you get to play pretend (I'm a big kid inside).

Here is what others had to say:


"New Years. When I was a kid it was Christmas, but New Year's is about family."

Rafael Hernandez, Monterrey, Mexico, LVN


"Thanksgiving; it's when I get all my family together. It's a family affair."

Debby Franklin, Victoria, Citizens


"All holidays are exciting."

Tony Reyes, Victoria, truck driver


"Thanksgiving and Christmas because it's the time most of my family gets together."

Daniel Pearn, Victoria, bouncer