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Let's make one thing clear from the get-go: I'm not a fan Android.

Yet, I own one.

Why? Well, it felt cheaper at the time. I have a two-year contract with T-Mobile and switching to AT&T and dredging through that transition seemed like too much at the time.

But now there may hope.

Yes, if T-Mobile gets the iPhone you'll see me camping outside the store, waiting to buy the iPhone 5 sometimes in October.

I'm happy to have a smart phone, but the system runs slow and I have to reboot everyday. Not to mention, when I'm out and about with friends, you know, "iPhone friends," my phone ends up being the one to die first, though I'm not actively using it.

I've never had a problem with T-Mobile. I've been with them for several years. But when I moved to the Crossroads almost three years ago, I didn't expect service to be this choppy.

I get choppy signal driving out to Refugio. And if I'm in Yorktown or Yoakum, my phone is helpless.

What type of phone do you like? Which side do you fight on, the Android or Apple? I'd like to know. E-mail me at, comment on this blog or tweet me @j_r_ortega