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A thorough check-up could be the answer to better medical care.

Well, at least that is somewhat the conclusion the American Academy of Pediatrics came up with when it released a study citing that a third of the time pediatricians cut check ups short by about 10 minutes.

I recently spoke with Dr. Manju Sachdev, a Victoria pediatrician, for a childhood obesity story and one issue she highlighted was this exactly.

Dr. Sachdev sides with the AAP saying the more time spent with a baby and the parents can help prevent growing medical issues, like childhood obesity.

Having a conversation with parents about a child's intake can drastically change a child's life, she said.

She said pediatricians sometimes feel the stress of high patient volume, which translates to shorter check-ups. Most times pediatricians will just scratch the surface.

Spending more time with your doctor and asking questions about your child's wellness could really pave the way to lowering instances of childhood obesity, one of the biggest health issues children face today.

Do you feel you get enough time with your physician? Do you think spending that one-on-one time with your physician could be the key to healthier living?

I think so. I think preventive education can really change the way our society is going in terms of wellness. It could save the health care industry billions, when you really think about it.

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