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I never expected to report on a school shooting, but of course, my job is unpredictable.

But that's exactly what I did this morning, it was more of a follow up, but the idea of being so close to where this man's gun rang out in the hallway was eerie.

I'm sure you all have already been following our coverage.

This wasn't like any other school shooting. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the suspect was apprehended.

Most of these school shootings don't end well. Look at Columbine and Virginia Tech.

As this case is still under investigation, it's still too early to know what the suspect Marcus Washington's intention was.

Was he attempting to shoot up the school? Or was it during this heated debate that his anger got the best of him?

Either way, he gave everyone a good scare. Counselors are at the school letting students who were in the building at the time of the shooting debrief.

One student I talked to said she never thought something like that would happen in Victoria.

I side with her. I didn't believe it either. This is something you see on national television. Not something you are covering or are in the middle of.

All in all, I believe everything was handled quite well.

What are you thoughts on how everything went down?

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