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I've been having some trouble posting the photos, so those will be coming soon.

I definitely have to say seeing my electricity bill skyrocketed has been the hardest part of this summer. Not only has it been unbearably hot, but then there is the even more stressful bill for surviving in that heat.

Here is what people had to say about their summer experience. Heat was definitely on the top of the list.

“The light bill has gone from $100 to $300.” Pauline Zamora, Victoria, Whataburger manager “The electricity bill. I’m hoping as it cools off, it will go lower.” Danny Jimenez, Victoria, staffing agency “The hardest part has been working in this heat. It was so hot I was getting cramps.” Skipper Tucker, Victoria, floor hand on oil rig “The heat. I feel it inside the house. Also the gas prices.” Christina Tucker, Victoria, housewife