Blogs » The Daily Dose » Question of the Day: Do you feel we do enough to support breast cancer awareness?


October hasn't even started and already I'm seeing flyers already for different events going on in the community. Being the health reporter, I see a lot of work being put into raising this awareness.

Pick up a copy of the Oct. 9 issue of the Victoria Advocate and turn to the health section. I will have compiled a list of breast cancer events in the area.

Here is what locals had to say about local support:


“I see awareness out there. I’m sure every city and state is doing something. Some people try and make an effort to do it.”

Archie Garino, Victoria, DeTar Hospital Navarro registered nurse.


“There is awareness on cervical and breast cancer, but what about the men?”

Margie Mascorro, Victoria, stay-at-home mom


“We do. I see a lot of advertising and awareness.”

Sylvia Cortez, Victoria, housewife


“We always see stores trying to raise money and stuff. I think there is more being now than in past years.”

Vincent Martinez, Victoria, professional painter