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So I've had to make many major life decisions in the 25 years I've been on this Earth - but none has been harder than trying to choose the e-reader that is just right for me.

I've decided that I'm going to put most of my income into savings, and I'll splurge a little on myself. One big gift and definitely some clothes shopping is in order.

Well, I'm one of those people who has been on the fence for a while about e-readers.

First off, do I really want or need one? Secondly, which e-reader should I choose?

I'm not the world's biggest reader, that's for sure. I average maybe about one book a month. I think this is because I'm a mood reader. I have to be in a certain environment to read, which I hate. I'm really trying to train myself to read for pleasure wherever and whenever.

I've seen people who can walk and read or pull out a book out in the middle of a rowdy crowd and just go at it. I want to secretly be that person (well, I guess it's no longer a secret).

I've joined, which if you haven't heard about, is a great website for readers. It's basically the Facebook among avid and not-so-avid readers, like myself. I've made my goal for this year 50 books, and it wonderfully counts down the days and books I've read so far. Also, I can read reviews and write my own reviews.

So to answer my first question, yes and no; I think an e-reader could be for me but it also couldn't. But heck, it's that little bit of money I can splurge, might as well get something and test it out.

I've played with e-readers before and I'm not completely opposed to them. They feel lightweight and comfortable and I have actually gotten into the feel. And even though I'm not the most avid reader, there are some books I just have to own, but there is also so many book I don't want cluttering my small bookshelf, as it is, I have some books piled up in a corner because I've run out of space.

So if I do get an e-reader, I'll still have a bookshelf in my apartment for the best books.

So now onto choosing an e-reader. It's not so much about price, but about what's right for me.

We have the several generations of Kindles, Nooks, iPads, Kobo and some lesser known e-readers.

Well, I've always been attracted to the Kindles. They feel good in my hand and the e-ink really give me the look of a real book, which I really enjoy.

I've voted the iPad out and the latest Kindle, the Kindle Fire, out of the picture. Both have wonderful color displays, but at the same time it's heavier and has more lag. Also, it's considered more of a tablet.

When I do read, I don't want to be interrupted by Facebook or Twitter notifications, that just ruins the experience. The iPad and Kindle Fire feels too much like a computer to me.

Though I may still buy an iPad just to replace my laptop. I'll also by the external keyboard, mouse and station dock (but that's another story).

Back to e-readers.

Something about the Nooks just don't feel right to me. So I'm settling with a Kindle.

But which one?

I've seen the touch screen one, which runs about $149. I've noticed the touch screen sometimes is slow to respond, but not all the time. Also, turning the pages on the touch screen seems smoother. It doesn't blink harshly like the original Kindle.

Then there is the Kindle Keyboard, which obviously is the same as the touch, minus it's not touch, it's keyboard. This one is about the same price, but again, I'm just stuck.

I know I'll end up buying an e-reader within the next three weeks and right now I'm leaning toward the Kindle Touch.

What are your thoughts? Do you own an e-reader? If so, what did you go with and why?

Or perhaps you're against the e-readers all together. What is your reasoning for that?

Let me know. Leave a message on this blog or shoot me an email to You can also call me at 361-580-6504.