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Yes, I'm about to go here: aliens.

Do they exist? And if they did, where are they from? What do they want?

For several seasons I've been watching Ancient Aliens, a show on History 2 that is extremely compelling when it comes to explaining aliens.

From trying understand the creation of the Pyramids of Giza to how some civilizations have completely vanished, the show is completely captivating. It isn't one of those cheesy shows on "UFO sightings," but rather scholarly evidence on why some sort other life force may have had a hand on the world as we know it.

Even Victoria has had several reported sightings in the past.

I actually just started a book trying to uncover the Roswell Incident. I actually started this book about a year ago and for some reason got caught up with another great read.

I'm picking it back up this weekend.

Anyways, this book has so much evidence about what actually happened that day in Roswell. Were there little grey men found near the wreckage? Why was the military quick to retract its original press release stating what was found was a UFO?

I'll be perfectly honest, I'm a firm believer in alien life. I believe we've had huge technological jumps, some so large that it makes you wonder where did this all come from. Plus, just watching Ancient Aliens' scholars try and figure out how those three magnificent pyramids were built makes me scratch my own head.

Or just take a look at Easter Island . How on Earth were those statues created? I agree, perhaps we are underestimating the power of people before us, but even with the technology we have now, these creations would take so much work.

Now before you think I'm some "Go Aliens," maniac, I'm really not. Though I side with alien life, I'm just open-minded. But really think about it. The universe, from what we know, is infinite. Each galaxy has thousands of solar systems and each solar system has many planets. There are billions of galaxies, and even more solar systems and planets.

We'd be the biggest lottery in the universe if we really were the one place out of who know how many billions of planets.

I know so many people are on the fence when it comes to alien life, but I'd love to get a discussion going on this. What do you think? Do you think we're truly alone, or do you think we've been visited by some sort of alien life?

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