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Surprise - I won Saturday's $338 million Powerball jackpot, and I'm trying to figure out how to best use my winnings.

And back to reality.

My partner and I talked a bit Saturday night about what $338 million could do for someone. Of course, you would probably go home with less than half of that, but come on - would you really complain if you went home with $150 million?

I didn't think so.

So we sat there in our living room, fantasizing about how an amount that astronomical would change our lives.

For me, 2012 was the worst year by far. My grandfather died in March, then my mom in October. As all that happened, I moved to Bay City to take charge of the Matagorda Advocate. I came home from my mom's funeral to learn the weekly was being sold, and I'd be moving back to Victoria.

Life really threw me a curve ball, and I'm so glad I've finally gotten back on track.

But imagine how much different life would be with that many millions? What would that money do to me?

Would I quit my job and buy a Ferrari once a week so I'd never get bored? Would I buy an island and become hoity-toity; throwing money at every problem?

You always hear of the lavish spending sprees people go on with their winnings, but I realized Saturday night that I wouldn't be one of them. I started wondering if something was wrong with me.

I'd like my life to stay as simple as possible. First off, I wouldn't quit my passion. Journalism is very much part of my identity.

Jon and I said we would have our home custom-built. Nothing too crazy either. Most likely a five bedroom house. The master bedroom, a guest room, a joint office/library, a gym and a room big enough for one adopted child.

I'd buy myself and Jon new cars. I'd pay off his mother's house, buy her a new car (for helping us these past seven years). My family, sadly, is pretty much gone, but I would do what I could for my aunt and uncle and three cousins. I'd buy my mom's house, which we are unfortunately losing because of the death.

Perhaps we'd go a little crazy buying merchandise for the homes and going on vacations and clothing shopping sprees. But then that's it.

In the end, the price tag would be somewhere under $1 million.

Jon and I scratched our heads. What do we do with the other several hundred million? Save it?

This got me thinking about celebrities and how many millions they make. Even then some throw it all away and are left scrambling for change.

Meanwhile, I'm over here thinking, "Winning one million could solve so much."

Winning $1,000 could solve so much. It's scary how what seems like so little can have such an impact.

So how would you use $338 million? Don't be scared! No judgement being passed here. I'm just having a hard time imagining how to blow $338 million.

Seems like the one time I could be financially irresponsible, I wouldn't be.