Blogs » World Turning » Common Sense vs. Tragedy...They're your kids!


Picture this scenario: An adult walking out of the building while the small children who accompanied him or her are lagging behind about 10-15 feet.  The adults are oblivious to the traffic in the parking lot as well as the kids they're supposed to be tending to.

A few months ago, as I was leaving the county offices, I passed a woman going  to her car. Seconds later, as I approached the door, a small girl, about 3 years old, opens the one of the doors and began running across the parking lot to the woman. I could stand by and watch. I didn't know the child was with this lady. I start after the child in case there were any cars coming. (One was coming in our direction.) That woman thought I was acting deranged. Maybe I was, I mean, hotdang, her baby was running through the parking lot. The only thought I had was a car backing out on her little girl. I was mad at this woman.

These kids are on the average about 2-6 years old, barely higher than the trunk on a car. All it takes is someone backing out of the parking space, not seeing anyone, much less, a small child for there to be a tragedy. What's more is that I've seen this scenario many times. I can only hope with the holidays coming up, these parents will be mindful of their children's safety in the parking lot.

It truly amazes me how these parents can not take their child's hand and escort them to the car. Will it take a tragedy to teach them some common sense?