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I have some friends who live in Cornwall, England, thereabouts, who told me about pasties. Meat pasties. Apparently this is about as popular as tacos are in Texas. The filling in a pastie is about as interchangeable as fillings are in a taco in our neck of the woods. She told me her husband was addicted to eating these pasties.

Imagine her surprise when I explained that pasties, here in the U.S., are the very minimal coverings a dancer wears on her upper torso when she works for her wage in a strip club.

She replied with a resounding LOL ("laughing out loud" in e-terms). She said her husband is only allowed to eat meat pasties in England. No pasties for him "across the pond."

I suppose eating a meat pastie is better than eating some of the other foods the British eat. Some of it is very good but I think I'll play it safe and stick to hot tea.