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Dear Oprah,

I like your good friend, Barak. He has a lot of charisma. He would have my vote if there were no other candidate in this election worthy enough to be President, at least as far as I'm concerned.

So you know, I listened to all the debates, Democrat and Republican, and heard what various candidates had to say. I promise you that I truly do not feel guilty for supporting Hillary. Without the uplifting, feel good speeches, she has convinced me with her experience, domestic and foreign. I'll be the first to admit she isn't perfect but neither is Barak. This I can promise you.

I have heard too much "Rah, rah, rah, Bush, Bush, Bush!!!" for the past 7 years. I've heard the "I'm a uniter, not a divider!" among the other moronic words and phrases and it still rings in my ears to this day.  And this from the Republican idiot that we call President. My bull-hockey meter was set off all those years ago. I assure you, I will not jump blindly on any bandwagon because I'm a woman or un-educated about this election.

While some Republicans can put their egos aside and work in a bipartisan manner with Democrats, there are those who will refuse to budge and compromise within our government, even if Barak is elected as our next President. I'm sure of this. Especially when you have the likes of John McCain saying over and over how the Democrats want to "surrender"(sic).  How they loosely throw the term "liberal" around when referring to Democrats, like we are some kind of criminal-minded people. That's okay, let them spew their hateful, mean-spiritness around. I'm sure it'd turn off a lot of independents who are undecided.

I've voted split tickets before. I've leaned conservatively at times. This depends on the issues involved and how they affect the community I live in.

However these primary elections work out, if he is nominated,  your buddy has my support. He is my 2nd choice.  Undeniably, he is a viable candidate.

Yours truly,