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Happy New Year to my friends and former co-workers. You deserve a super new year. The past year has been a year of many changes.

I don't normally make New Year's resolutions. I've been better off making resolutions any other day of the year. I'm not normally a wishy-washy type of person. I get all the facts about an issue, then make an informed decision and stand by it without fearing whether or not it's a good choice. Usually the outcome is positive, because I cared enough to look at the bigger picture.

This year would have to be different. This is okay, though. To me, it's the timing of it all.

I am starting my new year as an unemployed person. My resolution is to get down to the nitty-gritty and get a job. It isn't that I haven't looked at a few possibilities (living in Victoria, all you get is a few possibilities).

I had to leave a job that I loved so I could deal with a major medical issue. I've got past this and am at 100 percent with the help of physical therapy. I worked hard to make sure I wasn't leaving anyone in a lurch. There was a game-plan which could be put into effect. Facing mortality has a way of getting people to make sure things are put in order. I felt this way with my job. I loved working there, being a part of it. I went to work many days looking forward to the challenges.

I've waited the past few months hoping that by some miracle, there would be an opening for me, again. While I have looked at other job options, they didn't feel right. Perhaps, I felt like I was betraying my old job (old love). I didn't want to miss any opportunity to go back. (sniff, sniff)

Now for a sorrowful goodbye:

"Thanks Old Job. I didn't want to leave you. I only wanted to get better and come back to your crazy ways. You were the best experience I've had in a very long time. We did so many things together. Maybe one day things will work out for the two of us."

Now I am going to iron my business attire, polish my shoes and find another job. I have talent and many skills to take with me. I am ready to move on.

Yes, a resolution that just happened to fall on New Year's Day.

P.S. Another resolution is to blog more. I love to write.