• Hi Matt!
    Thank you for your well-wishes. I've passed it on to my hubby. I'm sure you'll do well once you get there. Hey, you may want to try to do a half-marathon or 5K and see what you do now. Start creating a personal record you can try to beat next time. Small steps can lead to larger leaps. A few months after my heart surgery, I walked a 5K with this goal in mind. The race officials give you a chip to attach to your shoe and it records your time.
    Not being a runner like my ol' man, I will go ahead and give you these tips any way. They help if you are in the walking mode, too.
    Don't run on sidewalks if you can help it. Asphalt is better and has a little more give when you have to pound your feet on something. Concrete will lead to things like shin-splints or, God forbid, a stress fracture. I've seen people do this around town.
    Keep you chin up as much as possible as this helps you breath easier.
    Pace yourself and don't avoid hills, they'll help you. Old Victoria area, by Riverside Park, has some excellent hill coverage. It looks to be all the hills we have to work with.
    Good luck.

    January 5, 2008 at 9:16 a.m.