Please respond to this concern. I am in no way trying to be negative, just concerned and I am trying to raise some concerns from you as well. Hopefully enough of you care about this so we can get something done. My concern is the lack of High profile names that have applied for the Head Football job at Victoria West High School! People this is not normal. I have done some homework on surrounding positions and there are anywhere from 75 to 138 applicants for similiar positions. This should be (I would think) a great job. It might not attract an established 5A Head coach but you would think some successful 3A & 4A head coaches would love to have it. I don't see anyone that catches my eye. What are we doing wrong. Is our administarters seeking out successful people to apply? Or are they sitting back and expecting them to apply just because. I know in my line of work, we go out and recruit people to work for us. Something needs to be done so that our kids have the best! Don't we all agree on this? I am not being negative, I just want the best. Is this too much to ask for? Come on Mr. Moore, jump on our side.