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So much is being said about the proposed site of a Mosque and Islamic Community Center in Manhattan, near Ground Zero.

In my opinion, much of what is being said is being shaped by emotion and not by logic.

People are calling this a Victory Mosque as if its purpose is to somehow celebrate the attacks of 9/11. Where these people are getting this information is beyond me. I haven't had a single one tell me how they came to that conclusion.

In case anyone may have forgotten it was a band of Islamist Extremists called Al Qaeda that attacked America, not Islam or the Muslim World or the Arab World. For those that can't make the distinction, here is some interesting info. "According to Pew polls, support for Al Qaeda has been dropping around the Muslim world in the years leading to 2008.[205] The numbers supporting suicide bombings in Indonesia, Lebanon, and Bangladesh, for instance, have dropped by half or more in the last five years. In Saudi Arabia, only 10 percent now have a favorable view of Al Qaeda, according to a December poll by Terror Free Tomorrow, a Washington-based think tank.[206]

In 2007, the imprisoned Sayyed Imam Al-Sharif, an influential Afghan Arab, "ideological godfather of Al Qaeda", and former supporter of takfir, sensationally withdrew his support from al Qaeda with a book Wathiqat Tarshid Al-'Aml Al-Jihadi fi Misr w'Al-'Alam (Rationalizing Jihad in Egypt and the World).

Although once associated with al-Qaeda, in September 2009 LIFG completed a new "code" for jihad, a 417-page religious document entitled "Corrective Studies". Given its credibility and the fact that several other prominent Jihadists in the Middle East have turned against al Qaeda, the LIFG's about face may be an important step toward staunching al Qaeda's recruitment.[207]"

I have not seen any factual proof to link the proposed site's imam with any terrorist organization.

A lot of people are claiming that money from terror networks will be used to build the site, but again no proof. In fact, the wife of the imam and spokesperson for the project has publicly stated that fund raising has not even begun.

Some have said that had the terrorists not been Muslim then this would be a non-issue. I have to agree. Would anyone object to a church being built near the Oklahoma City Federal Building Site? I doubt it.

Al Qaeda wants to show the Arab world that America is against Islam and wants to destroy it. We know that is not true...right?

If Americans continue to disregard the distinction between the fanatical extremists and the majority of Muslims, this can quickly escalate into a war on religion and not a war on terror. And that is exactly what Al Qaeda wants.

We do not want to destroy Islam, but terrorism.