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We have so many active bloggers on the site that it's difficult to find all of the content. Some of you suggested an A to Z directory of bloggers.

Many thanks to Shawn in IT for making this happen. I need to take some time myself searching the alphabetical listing to learn who all is out there.  Shawn also has added a search function to make it easier to find all of the extra content.

I also appreciate how much our community has embraced and energized the site. In short order, you've made so active that it even has attracted national attention. The director of digital publishing for Gatehouse Media writes this on his media blog:

"Rookie of the Year: New this year, this award goes to a newspaper site that probably none of us ever paid much attention, but sometime within the past year got its act together. The first-ever winner of this award: This small-paper’s site is one of the most active I’ve seen in the use of participation and blogs, to the point of loading up the home page with these web-centric features. Here is a small paper site that isn’t afraid to break away from being merely a"