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The big turnout for the Howell Middle School Christmas pageant impressed me Tuesday night at the Welder Center. Family members packed every one of the 482 seats in the hall.

Such events remind me a lot of good things happen every day in our public schools. My favorite piece was when the combined bands and the choirs performed "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."

The song took me right to the closing scene in "It's A Wonderful Life" when friends and family surround George Bailey. I tear up every time I watch that movie. "Teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings." Isn't that Zuzu the cutest thing?

I forgot my good camera for the show, but I snapped a shot using my Palm Treo 650. The stage lighting doesn't work at all for the camera, but I like how the image made all of the schoolchildren glow like the angels they are.