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An Advocate reader took umbrage at a recent editorial cartoon. I've attached the offending cartoon to this post, so you know the subject of the controversy. What are your thoughts about editorial cartoons?

Below is the reader's complaint and then my response:

Mr. Cobler:


I have come to expect less than professional journalism in the Victoria Advocate: misspelling, typos, errors in reporting, etc. – 99% left wing liberalism – 50% of the facts and truth (if that much) – and as much “hate Bush” rhetoric-in-print as possible. 


But the cartoon in the October 29, 2007 Viewpoints section was absolutely deplorable – unpardonable – unacceptable – un-American for true Americans. Your integrity has sunk to an all-time low. You have fallen into the dung heap with the Congressman from California. Your choice!


Since I have not read in your newspaper the good things our military personnel are doing in Iraq, does that infer you don’t care to cover that side of the effort? Do you even have the decency to consider the military volunteers who risk their lives protecting your freedom in general and freedom of speech specifically – as well as the possibility of freedom for people who have never experienced it until recently?


As for our children having health care, sure we need health care availability – for all eligible Americans – but in the right way.


In the meantime, have a nice day. Your freedom to shamefully, disgracefully degrade the President is being protected.


Dear Mr. xxxxx,
I'll share your concerns with our Community Conversation Editor, Tim Delaney. He attempts to select a balance of editorial cartoons. Like letters to the editor and columns, these cartoons do not necessarily reflect the views of the Advocate's editorial board.
We focus our coverage on local issues. For news of the nation and world, we rely primarily on our wire services. We also encourage local people to write the issues that matter to them. I urge you to consider writing a letter to the editor supporting your political position.
 During my six months as editor, the focus of our editorial board has been on local rather than national issues. We want to encourage our community to engage in a conversation about the issues that matter most to them rather than try to dictate our political beliefs.
Thank you for writing. Please don't hesitate to get back in touch with me about any issue.
Chris Cobler
Victoria Advocate