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I can't believe my alma mater, the University of Kansas, is one of only two unbeaten teams in major college football. (If you want to read all about the Jayhawks, the Lawrence Journal-World site is one of my favorites.)

As a kid, I often went to KU football games with my father and uncle, but the Jayhawks were regularly clobbered by Nebraska and Oklahoma in the Big 8. (No Big 12 back then.) If you're a Jayhawk fan, you learn there really is only one season: basketball.

The only exception during my childhood that I remember was watching Nolan Cromwell run the wishbone at KU. He was an incredible athlete who lifted the team to respectability almost on his own. He hurt his knee in a game in which KU upset the mighty Sooners 23-3.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but does anybody know a good source for tickets to the Big 12 championship game in San Antonio? If KU wins two more games, the Jayhawks will be there against Oklahoma. I'd get a kick out of taking my son to that game.