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An online reader asked this question:

"What is the status of the Advocate request to see the documents that the D.A. sent back to the Police Chief? Is Tyler trying to keep them from the public with some sort of claim about confidentiality of information about the victims? I assume that if the court provides you with access to them you would either be required to redact that kind of information or choose to do so, in order to prevent embarrassing the victims involved."


Our story Nov. 6 reported the Texas attorney general's office ruled Victoria County District Attorney Stephen Tyler must release documents the Advocate requested under the state's open-records act.  The documents explain why Tyler rejected cases submitted by law enforcement.

The DA has 30 days to appeal the attorney general's opinion. When I talked with Tyler recently, he indicated he was going to appeal, although we haven't heard any official word of that. The DA's concern seems based on attorney-client privilege, not on confidentiality regarding victims.

Except for in certain cases, victims' names already are part of the public record on police reports.