• I have a friend who served on a jury not too long ago. The jury heard a case about a robbery at a strip-club. After the trial, the members of the jury wrote a letter to the Advocate with several being interviewed by Gabe Semenza. Their view about the professionalism and thoroughness of the prosecutor and his office, as well as law enforcement, would have offered your audience an important glimpse into the true workings of both entities. With the level of coverage and interest generated regarding the DA office and their relationship with local law enforcement, I would think this would be of considerable news importance. Instead of printing this news, the paper buried the story. If the Advocate is acting as the watchdog informing the people, why are these stories not investigated? If they are investigated, then why are the stories not published? If the Advocate dispatches a photographer to capture a tabloid level photo of the former principle leaving his bail bondsman, this does not bode well for the direction of your paper. Perhaps you would follow up on this to help demonstrate your willingness to amplify this reader’s concerns?


    October 2, 2007 at 2:07 a.m.