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We're a bit overwhelmed by how much traffic our new site is generating. We're on a pace to far surpass the biggest month in online Advocate history.

There's always a downside to success, of course.  Some of our longtime users became used to navigating our old site and find all of the extra traffic distracting.

Dan Easton, our vice president of interactivity, answers a variety of questions from longtime users on this discussion thread. As far as I can tell, the two main remaining questions are 1) users would like the most recent comment to appear at the top of the thread, and 2) people miss the old comments criticizing the Victoria school district.

In terms of the first question, we've fixed this. Regarding the second, we don't have an easy way to migrate old comments to the new site. We encourage people to post fresh comments, supporting or criticizing the school district. I'm pleased to see this happening with Friday's story about the high school design. (If you haven't seen today's front-page graphic on the schools, I encourage you to get a copy of the print edition. We're still working on a good process for creating readable online versions of our graphics.)

 If you have other questions or suggestions, let us know. You never stop improving a Web site (or the print version of a newspaper, for that matter). Google has come up with a smart way to describe this: The company describes most of its new features as being in beta.