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I flew out of Victoria Regional Airport to reach a conference I'm attending in Washington, D.C. Despite an acquaintance's words of caution about flights being canceled in Victoria, the first leg of the round-trip flight went off like clockwork.

A 6:20 a.m. flight is a bit early for me, but I didn't want to drive to Houston either. Free airport parking in Victoria is a nice perk, too. I parked maybe 100 feet from the terminal door.

On the long flight from Houston, I started Richard Russo's "Bridge of Sighs" and arrived early enough in the afternoon to walk several hours along the Washington Mall before the American Society of Newspaper Editors' opening dinner for the Diversity Leadership Institute.

The acquaintance I mentioned told me about a flight years ago being canceled in Victoria and how he and his buddies raced to Houston to make their connection. Victoria's airport manager tells me this almost never happens.

What's been your experience with the airport?