• I flew up north last week and used the local airport now that they have gone back to an early morning flight.  It was "okay "  as far as a "puddle-jumper" flight can be.  The airport crew was indeed very nice and helpful.  How ever,  I have not had great experiences with Continental Airlines, whom Colgan "represents".
    Back when Continental used it's own airplanes to fly out of Victoria and there were four or more flights, flying out of or into Victoria was seldom a happy experience.  A number of  years ago when I had to fly on a fairly regular basis, it was not uncommon for Continental to overbook  (in Houston) return flights on a regular basis, resulting in being bumped.  I wound up having to take  later flights which wasn't  convenient, or having to stay in Houston (at Continental's expense) which wasn't always convenient or having to rent a car and drive back to Victoria and that certainly wasn't convenient. 
    I once missed my connecting flights out of Victoria, because "the duty waker-upper" on the Continental crew (who stayed over in Victoria for the early flight) didn't set his/her alarm clock and the whole crew overslept - that I'll swear to or at least that's what we were told at the airport. Myself and the other passengers had to wait till the next scheduled departure (four hours later) - fortunately there were enough empty seats that no one got bumped that time. We never did see the sleepy crew - I guess they drove back to Houston.
    Until last week, my previous Continental flight in or out of Victoria occurred a number of years ago, when I was returning to Victoria via Houston. One return flight (in Houston) was canceled due to mechanical problems, and the next was already overbooked.  There were several major conventions going on in Houston at the same time and there were NO rental cars to be had.  After discovering that there were no rentals AND creating a  nasty - "last straw" - scene at their ticket counter, Continental graciously arranged for me to travel back to Victoria on a Trailways bus because I had an important meeting at 8AM the next day.  On that bus, it appeared that only the driver and I spoke english and there was a woman several rows ahead of me that had a chicken in a cage (that IS the the truth)! I felt like I was somewhere in Central America.  I finally arrived back in town at approximately 4:30 AM.   Needless to say I was an unhappy camper and flew out of San Antonio or Austin in recent years.
    Last week, I had two connecting flights to and from my ultimate destination and I must admit I used Colgan/Continental with some trepidation but I'm happy to report that all went well.  I AM glad to see multiple flights in and ou tof Victoria again.

    October 23, 2007 at 2:21 p.m.

  • My husband is a pilot, and we have flown into Victoria a few times over the past few years (we live in Austin, but I'm from Shiner and lived in Victoria for almost 4 years before moving here).  I've never flown into Victoria on a commercial flight, but I can tell you that everyone at the FBO in Victoria was extremely friendly and courteous!  Having the gas truck drive right up to the plane and having the fuel pumped for you was a nice treat, too (as opposed to pumping the fuel yourself).

    I just wish Victoria would put more money into fixing up their airport.  It's a wonderful commodity (I mean, come on--you guys already have an Air Force-length runway!).  If there were more job opportunities there for flight instructors and the like, we'd actually consider moving back.

    October 23, 2007 at 12:17 p.m.