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How sad is it that I'm posing this question, but I have to ask myself why I haven't blogged lately. Yes, I've been busy with work and family. During the holidays, blogging tends to take a back seat.

But I realize I've been Tweeting away, getting caught up in the excitement of a new toy. Perhaps I can no longer write anything longer than 140 characters, the limit imposed by Twitter. With my iPhone, texting and adding photos is such a snap that composing a lengthy essay seems so 20th century.

I must acknowledge I'm not Tweeting anything particularly smart or funny or insightful. I might look back on this fad as a tremendous waste of time. A co-worker even has me using Loopt, an application that allows your friends to keep track of your location, along with your Tweets and photos. How much information do my friends and family really want about my humdrum life?

I talked this weekend to my older sister, a teacher in Tulsa, on the phone (how quaint!). She said even Facebook or MySpace no longer appealed to the young people she knows. Instead, texting is the only way they communicate. I told her the next step in human evolution apparently would be creatures with huge thumbs and no mouth.

Of course, my sister and I are probably woefully behind whatever latest trend is out there. I hope someone Tweets and lets me in on the next big thing.