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I guess it's human nature, or at least a good ice-breaker. Cold enough for you? Hot enough for you? Everywhere I've lived, people talk endlessly about the weather.

But I've been chuckling this month at the news reports from up north about the cold and snow. Good Morning America spent the first six minutes of its news report at 7 a.m. today on the fact that -- brace yourself -- it snows up north during the winter.

It's not just TV. My alarm clock, set to NPR, also told me about winter elsewhere. When I look at the top Associated Press headlines, you guessed it -- weather leads the list.

I don't really mind. Now that I live where sensible people spend the winter, I take a perverse satisfaction in seeing others shovel their sidewalks. Of course, we at the Advocate can't let other media have all the fun. Look Wednesday for our story recalling the Christmas Eve snow of 2004.  We even warranted a Wikipedia entry with this one.

Think people here will ever stop talking about that one?