• Are we worried about drug trafficking in the in this is a new thing? 

    Of course I am concerned and think everyone is.  The drug dealers and cartels are getting more and more powerful and addiction is becoming more and more a concern.  Soon the cartels will totally own Mexico as they do Columbia. 

    In my humble opinion, the only answer is to legalize drugs... at a minimum, legalize marijuana and heroin.  The marijuana we need to tax and regulate just as we do alcohol today.  It is really in many ways not as harmful to one's health as alcohol is....and in many cases has legitimate medicinal uses.......Don't give me that garbage about a "gateway" drug....cigarettes and beer are gateway drugs also.  People with addictive personalities are going to become addicted to something.

    The heroin we should do as they do in the European countries, and the government provide the drug free to those with medically certified addictions.  In those countries where that has been done the growth of new addicts has almost stopped.  We already offer Methadone programs to heroin addicts.

    Then the billions of dollars spent chasing people around who are smoking a joint could be spent to rid the country of Meth and Cocaine.....the drugs that are going to destroy us.  Hospitals around the country are seeing people in their 20's come in with heart attack, organ failure, and die because of these two drugs in particular.

    I was raised in deep South Texas close to Laredo and highway 59 has been a "drug corridor" as long as I have been alive.  It was a common sight to see the highway patrol laying in wait for a "load".....back then often tractor trailers full of drugs moving along HIghway 59.

    The drug cartels have gotten more bold and don't seem to care who they hurt.  The first priority is to push them back from our borders.  Both Laredo and Nuevo Laredo are virtually owned by the cartels and I don't care what the mayor of Laredo claims.  i have friends who live there and who are fearful.  The kidnappings are rampant.  We cannot do that until we successfully control our borders. 

    I personally believe that NAFTA has made the problem worse.  We are so worried about making money off our trade with Mexico that we allow them to run unsafe vehicles and get by with murder in their movements back and forth across the border.  The day is going to come when our culture and civilization as we know it has been so destroyed by drugs that how much money we make is not going to mean much.  America needs to reset its priorities.  We are seeing the results of this "Greed" mentality in our own economy right now.

    December 29, 2008 at 6:21 p.m.