Blogs » Your Advocate: an editor's blog » What do movie reviews and election endorsements have in common?


I like to think elections are a lot more important than movies, although you wouldn't necessarily know that from looking at low voter turnout.

Here's what I think is the primary role of a newspaper's editorial board endorsement: Encourage voter participation. Agree or disagree, you should vote.

Like a movie review, an election endorsement gives you a sense of the candidate and one view of him or her. Apply your own values and principles to that view and decide for yourself.

I'm pleased to see so many readers offering their comments to our editorial board's endorsement in the U.S. House District 14 race. All of these additional views give readers even more to consider when casting their votes.

I particularly appreciate how Toni started the conversation positively by recapping various endorsements of Ron Paul. Campaigns can turn so nasty that people just tune out of the political process.

If you disagree with any particular endorsement, you might be asking, "Just who are these people behind this opinion?" Wikipedia offers a fairly good explanation of an editorial board. We bend over backwards to keep these opinions separate from our newsgathering, which should be fair and balanced.

The Viewpoints page is the place for opinions across the political spectrum. I hope you'll add your voice there, or to our Web site. After all, elections are a much bigger deal than Sunday's Academy Awards.