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A Ron Paul supporter criticized the Advocate's coverage in a recent e-mail to reporter Rebecca Holm. I figure others may share the concern, so I've posted the note below. My response follows.


Your closing comment was "Representative Ron Paul did not return phone calls made to his campaign office".

Given the lack of support the Advocate provides for Ron Paul that is no surprise. After the debate in May when he suggested that the US intervening in the affairs of other countries has bred resentment of the US, the Advocate did a front page story quoting some Victorians suggesting he retract his statements and pull out of the presidential race. (Lauren Hightower wrote a great piece about the war, she gets it).

On December 16th he raised over $6,000,000 but the front page of the Advocate reports that he received $500 from a white supremacist group.

It's too bad the Advocate won't do more to support our Congressman.


Dear xxxx,
Reporter Rebecca Holm shared your note regarding her story on Congressman Ron Paul. We intended no slight in reporting factually that he was not available for comment regarding the results of the Iowa caucuses. In our news coverage, we aim to provide a fair and balanced report on all issues.
I regret that you have inferred an anti-Paul bias from any Advocate news coverage. The contribution his campaign received from a white supremacist group was an Associated Press story sent nationally, and we deemed it worthy of a brief item in the Advocate. We have printed many other AP stories about the Paul campaign during the past year. We don't have the resources to have a reporter on the national campaign trail.
We did do a local reaction to the May debate which received national attention for the congressman's comments about 9/11. We presented the reaction in a pro and con package in an effort to give balance to the controversial topic.

In terms of the recent column by copy editor/page designer Lauren Hightower,  that was displayed on our opinion page and has no bearing on our news coverage. By design, we keep our Viewpoints page separate from our news columns. In the past, I understand the Advocate's editorial board has not endorsed Congressman Paul, but please let me assure you that has no bearing on our news coverage.

As editor of the Advocate since April, I find the congressman a fascinating figure and look forward to meeting him when his travels permit him time to visit the largest newspaper in his district. I look forward to the opportunity to get to know him and to improve our coverage of the issues of most concern to his constituents.

If you have other questions, suggestions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.
Chris Cobler
Victoria Advocate