• Oops, I forgot one gripe...the photos.  When the instructions say 'click here to enlarge' it's lying.  I measured and the pics stay the same size...still too small.

    January 20, 2008 at 8 a.m.

  • Hello Mr. Cobler,
    I like the new set up with the Advocate, but I would like to see more national news on the front page from time to time. I also appreciate the more balanced political and social issue coverage now that you are at the Advocate.
    Currently, I wish the hometown paper would put the comics back on one page!  I know it's not that big of a deal when you look at some issues, but for those who have a tightly run morning routine with kiddos in the morning who want to read the comics while eating breakfast, it is inconvenient.
    Used to be I could count on them being on the back page, and all one one back page. Now I have to mess the paper up to find them. As one commenter said, he learned how to turn the page, so it didn't bother him. I know how to turn pages, but as a matter of convenience, it's nice to have things together in one place.
    I know it's not Christmas any more, but this would make an excellent gift for some of your faithful comic readers, and just faithful readers in general who like to easily hand the comics to the kids in the morning.

    January 19, 2008 at 10:32 a.m.

  • Let's see...first of all, the News and the Website... the local news, I'd like to see all the surrounding towns city hall and county commissioner court minutes, so I know what's going on with my neighboring cities.  I read only the online version of the VA and when I click news, then counties...there is usually nothing there.  Today there is a link to the front page story of the little girl who died, that's it.  The Years Ago link has items going back to January 3.  So does that mean nothing has happened in the surrounding area?  I'm sure there is something newsworthy going on in Goliad, Jackson, Calhoun, Lavaca, Refugio, DeWitt, etc. on a daily basis.  Use your roving reporter to work up some 'real' news stories instead of the chatty cathy blurbs we are seeing now.  I personally don't care what Joe the plumber or Mary the waitress think about...well...anything.  I want NEWS or unique human interest stories.
    Secondly, my pet peeve is dead links or links to blank pages.   There are tons of links to blank pages, except for some advertising...and I bet those people are all pee-o'd.
    Thirdly, why do I have to go to Entertainment, Columns to find the "columnists"?  And, not all of them are there...Henry Wolff, Vince Reedy and OC Garza re under News, columns.  Why not just put them all under columnists? You got too many headings with sub-headings.  Look at the NY Times.  I like their format very much.  All the sections are on the home page, with the lead stories linked.  The biggest problem as I see it is that you have too many headings and trying to figure out where anything is has made the paper very un-user friendly. 
    I really like those drop-down menus you see when you hover over a heading.  If that's not possible, try the Times format.  Let’s see some of that change you were speaking about.  And, you can't go wrong emulating an outfit like the NY Times.

    January 19, 2008 at 7:30 a.m.