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Thanks for commenting. We hear from a variety of people commenting about wanting national news on the front page. At the same time, we hear from others who say they want more local news. It's a balancing act. One way we're addressing that is with our rail items on the front page promoting national content inside. For example, the results of the Nevada and South Carolina primary elections are prominently featured at the top of A1, but the rest of the story is on A4. Does that balance seem about right to you?

By doing this, we were able to make plenty of room for an in-depth look at the economic impact of a proposed nuclear power plant near Victoria and an update on a shooting victim in Hallettsville.

In terms of the design of our comics pages, we're always looking at ways to improve, which is why we added the Sudoku puzzle daily. Perhaps we'll find another way to display them and make room for the Sudoku. My sense, in this case, is that, if we changed the comics design a year from now, people would complain. Readers develop their habits, and any change can disrupt those habits. The comics were on a back page perhaps less than the half the time.

Personally, I'd like to change a lot of our comics because I think some of the strips are stale, but they have loyal followings. Even a tiny change such as this one gets people stirred up. In this case, we actually added a feature and still received complaints.

Allfiredup, you'll have to explain more what you mean about the photos. If you look at today's lead story titled "Nukeconomics," the photo there gets larger when you click on it. Are you referring to something else?