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Out of state on vacation, I followed Thursday's news via our Web site and couldn't be more impressed with the work everyone did.

I was able to keep up with what happened inside the courtroom almost as soon as the events unfolded. I saw the video of Michael Ratcliff leaving the courthouse right away, too. Later, I read all of the in-depth coverage by a team of reporters with reaction ranging from the district attorney to the accuser to regular people on the street.

Our team surpassed even the detailed coverage plan we put together Monday. I'm sitting here trying to think of any angles we missed and what else we should report between now and the Aug. 15 sentencing.

Any suggestions? I'd definitely like us to get an interview with Mr. Ratcliff, who said at the time of his arrest that he'd like to talk to us but couldn't on the advice of his attorney. He probably still won't want to talk until after Aug. 15.

Other ideas?

Of course, we'll be covering the holiday weekend, too. Hope everyone has a great holiday despite Victoria's legal uproar.