Blogs » Your Advocate: an editor's blog » How many police departments still provide funeral escorts?


I was cruising down Main Street toward downtown Saturday morning when I had to brake suddenly even though my light was green at Crestwood.

A police officer with lights on had pulled out into the intersection even though he had a red light. Of course, flashing police lights always take precedence, and I probably wasn't paying enough attention to cross-traffic. I didn't have to screech my brakes so I don't want to overstate the threat of any injury or damage here. A funeral process then crossed in front of me.

The incident did make me think about police departments providing funeral escorts. Where I've lived before, the funeral homes arranged this service on their own. I don't know whether Victoria does this as a free service or charges the funeral homes. Anyone know?

I'm not suggesting police shouldn't provide this service. My experience did make me wonder about the wisdom of an officer pulling out on a red light. Do police have devices to change lights from red to green?

What are your thoughts about police providing funeral escorts?

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