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A couple of readers questioned our headline on Thursday's story about the indicted four's hearing. Every twist and turn of this saga invites scrutiny, of course.

The question -- "Could charges be dropped?" -- is meant to be neutral. We're not trying to say the charges should be dropped.

Regarding another article comment that the newspaper doesn't want dirty laundry aired, doesn't that notion seem a bit silly? A newspaper exists to report the news, not to stifle it.

Along these lines, I'll quote from our June 25 editorial board opinion about the Michael Ratcliff case: "If a plea bargain keeps the answers to these questions from the public, then the prosecutor should not offer it, and the judge should not accept it. Justice in this case goes beyond the one suspect and the one accuser."

In our news coverage, we'll keep asking the central question of who know what and when regarding the Ratcliff case. Was there a cover-up? If so, by whom?