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I asked in a post the other day about the cost of police officers providing funeral escorts. Thanks again to all who participated in that discussion.

Based on the questions raised there, I went to Victoria Police Chief Bruce Ure for the facts. Many thanks to him, too, for his prompt and detailed answer. I share it below with his permission:

"We charge $60 per funeral escort.  It is authorized in city ordinance Section 24-13, which is approved by city council.  This is a very good deal for our funeral homes, as our cost is more than the fee received.  You have to figure that two police officers salary (together) probably ranges around $ 45 or so per hour.  You have to then consider the cost of two patrol vehicles along with fuel.  We consider this to be some cost recovery; however, it is much more a service to the
community (eliminating a traffic problem before it starts).  
"Generally, a city uses off-duty police officers who have police motorcycles.  If I remember right, years ago it was around $150 per motorcycle.  
"When we do a funeral, we send at least two patrol units.  They generally are from our traffic safety unit.  If they are unavailable, then we will send on-duty patrol units.  If we are really tied up, then we advise them they have the choice of either to wait for freed up units or to simply do it without us, in which case, they must obey the traffic laws.
"Hope this helps."
Bruce Ure
Chief of Police
Victoria Police Department


What do you think? Is $60 a fair price for the city to charge? Any other thoughts about police providing funeral escorts? Are there safety concerns, as this blogger asserts?