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In e-mail exchanges, Advocate newsroom staffers compliment the best work of the day in print or online. In this way, we try to encourage more good journalism and recognize the hard work that goes in to producing it.

Here's an e-mail I sent to the staff today:

Stand up and cheer for the latest installment of "Fatal Funnel." Gabe, Christina, Kimiko and Bill knock the ball out of the park with this month's powerful feature. The Chubby's store clerk hadn't shared what he experienced for five years, but clearly he's haunted by the memories. This installment, perhaps more than any other so far, shows what new insight and information remain to be gleaned from the tragedy. Congrats also to Chelsey and Shawn for building a strong online presentation of this project.

This special package leads the way for another strong edition from front to back. Special kudos go to  the back section -- Money -- where Robert and Allison combine for an outstanding look at One O'Connor Plaza. What a fun read. We can't say enough how lucky we are to have Robert on staff.

What did you like in print or online today?