Blogs » Your Advocate: an editor's blog » Why would an unwed father be featured on Father's Day?


Quite a few readers reacted strongly to Monday's B1 feature on two new fathers. The story idea was to find a dad whose child was born this Father's Day.

As it turns out, both of the fathers at DeTar Hospital were not married to their child's mother. We didn't comment on that fact in the story, but several callers and many online readers did.

To be clear, our intent was not to glorify or to criticize unwed parents. We set out only to find a new father for Father's Day.

According to the most recent national statistic I've found, single mothers accounted for 36 percent of all births nationwide. We're checking for more recent information and for statistics specific to the Crossroads region. My hunch is that the percentage is even higher in our area.

Given that, the odds are good that we'll encounter unwed parents whenever we set out to do such a feature on Father's Day or on New Year's. We understand why some readers might find this societal trend alarming. We also recognize some single parents and their children, such as Aprill Brandon in her blog today, may have a different perspective.

A newspaper tries to portray reality. It's up to all of us -- and a higher authority -- to change society.