• Ladyinpink,
    It was the immigrants fault.  They paid for that cayote.  They wanted to be an illegal immigrant.  So people did their jobs in the crisis.  Illegal immigrants wasted our great resources.  That is the problem.  We need the borders blocked.  Then the great people could focus on helping those who are legal citizens of Victoria!!!!!!
    Stop illegal immigration.  Quit wearing rose colored glasses. They are stealing your tax money, your school assets that should be used by your children, hospital and medical resources that belong to legal citizens, they drive without license and cause wrecks that you have to pay for.  Look at the bigger cities...illegal immigrants are the largest group of criminals -- they are wasting our legal system.  It is time to close the borders, use gatlin guns or whatever is necessary.  I have no more tax money to give.  They stole it all.  Now my children and grandchildren have no legacy.  And all of you that are pro-illegals are taking the food and education from my family.
    Am so tired of namby pamby.  I am like the Eddie Chiles ad -- I am tired of stealing and I am a mad!!

    June 29, 2008 at 10:39 a.m.