• Chris - I've already stated that I love "Mutts" when you said you were bringing it to the paper. That has not changed. Nothing against Fred Basset, but "Mutts" is superior. No, it isn't always for a chuckle. It is poignant and subtle. That is what I love about it. Some people just don't get subtleties. Too bad. "Born Loser" and "Frazz" can go. How about bringing in "Get Fuzzy", ¬†"Red and Rover", or "Pearls Before Swine"?¬†Love those strips too.

    May 6, 2008 at 8:27 p.m.

  • Need a Simon, you say?

    When it comes to "Mutts," I'd be more than happy to levy a barrage of criticism. Although I was mostly indifferent to "Fred Bassett," I did enjoy a chuckle every now and then. A comic strip benefits from having either memorable characters, empathetic situations, or interesting narratives. "Fred" at least had warm characters. "Mutts" has none of the above. It's a filler comic in every sense of the word. Not as irritating as say... "Family Circus" (who actually likes FC? "Not Me..." hardy har), but "Mutts" instead makes the eyes roll with its hokey manipulative non-stories.

    Especially  the seemingly endless week when that one creature wouldn't get out of bed. I was all, "someone's getting paid for this."

    Or the recent strips that read like fliers for an animal shelter. To paraphrase...
    "I may have one eye, but I see i have love to give..."
    "I may be old, but my heart is mature..."
    "I was abused. Let's be brave and take a chance..."

    I see they're trying to be poignant, but it mostly comes off as corny.
    (booos from behind me as I sit next to Paula and Randy)

    That's my opinion. We all have them.
    (sips from Coke as I sit in plain tee and with my blocky LEGO hair)

    May 5, 2008 at 11:48 p.m.