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I want to share this outstanding news with you from our circulation director, Hamp Rogers. To put another way what Hamp says below: We meet our community's needs better than any other newspaper in the state. Who says? Our readers say so with their quarters.
To help you with what may be unfamiliar terminology, the Retail Trade Zone is the primary coverage area we serve outside of Victoria -- our contiguous counties and half of Wharton County. The City Zone is, of course, within Victoria.
Thank you for making us a part of your lives. We can't ask for any better recognition than this.

From: Hamp Rogers
Subject: March 2008 Texas Circulation Comparison by Newspaper

Many of you have asked for a summary of what I mentioned in the department head meeting today about how Vic Ad's circulation penetration stacks up against other Texas newspapers. Here are the highlights:
  • Our circulation remained essential stable, declining by less than one half of one percentage point daily and growing by just over one-half of a percentage point Sunday.
  • Among Texas newspapers, Victoria Advocate ranks FIRST in penetration in Daily City Zone Circulation; Daily Retail Trade Zone Circulation; and Sunday Retail Trade Zone Circulation
  • We rank THIRD in the state in Sunday City Zone Circulation, behind Abilene and San Angelo, both of which saw a decline in total paid circulation during the Fas Fax six-month period. In other words, they better not look behind them because we are gaining!
<div><span class="997252723-06052008"><font face="Arial" size="2">This is a great story to tell advertisers and readers. More than anything else, this is an indication of excellent teamwork in designing, writing, selling, marketing, creating, printing, packaging, administering&nbsp;and distributing our core product. We all share in this success.</font></span></div>
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<div><span class="997252723-06052008"><font face="Arial" size="2">If you have questions about the worksheet, please contact me. Thanks and congratulations to all!</font></span></div>