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Sheriff T. Michael O"Connor steered a steady stream of semis around the small crowd that stood Saturday alongside the road south of Victoria.

Amid the somber speeches honoring the dead and the roar of the semis going in and out of the truck stop, the sheriff told me he appreciated our first installment of our "Fatal Funnel" series last week. So much of the historic event has not been told even five years later, he said.

That's at the heart of why we've launched our special series. The worst immigrant smuggling death on U.S. soil occurred in our backyard. The human trafficking continues to this day. We felt compelled to explore the issue further with our readers.

We recognize illegal immigration is a highly charged political issue. Our intent is not to change anyone's political beliefs. We want only to further the conversation about a historic event that happened here. Not New York City. Not China. Right here.

Some readers criticized the first installment because they didn't think the story had been told enough. I can't believe these critics got past the headlines to read last Sunday's piece about volunteer paramedic Richard Streeter. He's a quiet hero in our midst. It would be a shame if the Advocate never told his story.

Our challenge in subsequent installments will be to find other untold stories. I hope we're up to this test and the community conversation is the better for it. Let us know what you think.