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Despite being a part of Tuesday's story, we tried hard to cover all sides of the indictments fairly, accurately and completely.

Of course, any work done under daily deadline pressure is far from perfect. Even so, I'm proud of the work the staff did, producing six stories, a chronology of events, two compelling photos, a dramatic front-page design, and video coverage that topped what you could see on the local TV station. This was a big story, and it required a journalistic effort to match.

Most importantly, most of the online discussion has focused on the issues covered in the stories and not on the Advocate's news coverage. We'll keep trying our best to rise to this challenge, even though we can't avoid the fact that the Advocate is featured in the indictments.

For a comparison, you might consider how the Associated Press summarized the story by clicking here. The Houston Chronicle and other media outlets around the state picked up the story today.

Our editorial board takes a strong position on the case in Thursday's edition. We hope others with a differing view will write letters, guest columns and online comments in response. No one can say for sure how any of this will turn out.

What I am sure of is the importance of tough, fair news coverage.