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Thank you again to all who participated Tuesday in our contest to write Wednesday's historic front-page headline. If you read online only, I encourage you to pick up the print version to get the full effect of "Barack solid."

A bit groggily this morning, I'm checking out what other newspapers did across the country. You can see front pages from around the country and world at the Newseum site.

The Victoria Advocate usually is posted there as well, but we're looking into some technical glitch that prevented today's edition from appearing alongside the rest. Meanwhile, here are some other U.S. headlines that caught my eye:

- In our lifetime

- Obama overcomes

- 'Defining moment'

- 'A new dawn'

- History

- Oh-Bama!

- 'Yes, we can'

- President Obama (just for you, Bj)

- Historic victory (Boston Globe)

- Obama sweeps to historic victory (Wall Street Journal)

- It's Obama (Los Angeles Times)

- Obama (New York Times_

I'm pleased the Advocate's headline stands out as something different. The winner of our internal contest is Community Conversation Editor Tim Delaney, who suggested the headline last night as we kicked around a lot of bad choices. The rest of the front page layers in additional information such as the subhead, " Obama declares "change has come to America."

I laughed the most at the tongue-in-cheek suggestion of "For those about to Barack, we salute you." The aging rockers in our midst had a lot of fun with variations on Barack 'n' roll.

We hope you also dig inside the paper to the dozen pages of election coverage, including the most comprehensive report available on the Crossroads region. The front-page headline tells only one part of the story.