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A few readers have accused us of unnecessarily rehashing a sad chapter in Victoria's history: the death of 19 illegal immigrants trapped inside a tractor-trailer. They said the story was old news.

However, we contend the stories we've presented so far in the series have never been told. Sunday's installment, the seventh in the series, examines the Texas Minutemen and their role in patrolling part of the Fatal Funnel. We encourage you to read Chapter 7 here. Be sure to also view Photo Editor Frank Tilley's stunning video accompanying this installment.

One critic I spoke to on the phone a couple of months ago said she just threw away the paper without even reading the installment. Clearly, illegal immigration is an emotional issue for many. Our goal is to fairly and thoroughly examine the important issues emerging from the trafficking that flows through the Crossroads region.

Next month Public Service Editor Gabe Semenza and his team will take you to Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, the front line of this war. We hope you'll let us know what you think of the series and the subject. You may comment on the individual article on our home page or post to our Fatal Funnel discussion forum here.