We've received a wonderful response in the community from our weekly contest recognizing the school pride in the Crossroads region.

For example, this week's winner, the Bloomington Bobcats, announced our arrival on the PA system and had their students and staff wear their school colors for the filming. They're excited, as they should be, to show off the best of their school.

Whenever you're talking about school spirit, though, inevitably someone takes it too far. We've had to delete a few comments from the online poll because of the cheap shots. You might say we flagged that as unnecessary roughness.

We ask readers to keep their comments to what's positive about their school and not try to win by running down another school. Also, the poll is not scientific and can be hacked by someone determined enough to do so. Keep in mind, though, that we can tell when the poll has been hacked. That's why we reserve the right to cast the final decision on which school is featured. If people get too negative or hack the poll, that could tilt us in the direction of another school.

But that's enough about the dark side of the "Who's Got Spirit?" contest. By and large, we're thrilled with the response and encourage you to keep participating. If your school needs to considered, let us know.

See you in the bleachers Friday night.