• Thank you Chris for your prompt response. I agree with you on many points in your blog.  There are going to be many people making comments good and bad. I look at many blogs on the victoria advocate daily on different subjects. There are many people that will post negative comments. The one thing that you stated is that negative comments can sway the vote to go for the other team.  What  I can't understand is that how can anyone be sure the comments are coming from that team. For example, one doesn't not know who is posting the comments, other than it appears to be from the other team. It could very well be from someone from a different town just throwing in cheap shots.  Example,  the comment can really look like someone from Industrial  was saying negative things about Bloomington. How do you know it wasn't someone from Victoria, Port Lavaca or Dallas unless they sign their name.   It is sad that a  few actions by some can hurt the entire school body.  The Cobras are backed by parents, fans, teachers,  and many more. On any given game day , the school is filled with an over flowing show of our Cobra Spirit. There is a sea of Maroon and Grey down in Vanderbilt.  Proud to be a Cobra.  Thank you again for your time.

    October 9, 2008 at 10:50 p.m.