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It's been such a hectic week I haven't had time to blog about the wonderful training the newsroom received via the Committee of Concerned Journalists.

We learned about this opportunity through Gregory Favre, one of the members of the Advocate's outside board of directors. Favre and Deborah Gump (a fellow Jayhawker) led the day-and-a-half training sessions for our newsroom and our company vice presidents. The sessions included bias, accuracy and verification, and conscience and communication.

The sessions were an excellent continuation of training we received earlier this year from Steve Buttry of the American Press Institute on online ethics. The best part was taking a break from deadlines to talk with each other about the important issues that called so many of us to this profession.

I wish all could have heard Favre's closing remarks about the ideals of journalism. I can't do it justice here, but it touched most in the room. Multimedia news director Bill Clough later had him repeat the speech on camera so that we might show it to new employees.

Of course, I noticed the irony this week in being served a subpoena and having the newspaper accused of bias by the district attorney. I won't go into all of that here, but I will take this opportunity to again salute the fine family that owns the Advocate. Their commitment to the community and to doing the right thing humbles and inspires me. The owners' investment in their newsroom, even during financially difficult times, reflects their focus on excellence.