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Image I talked to a variety of people yesterday who were less than impressed by forecasts that even to the end called for us to get heavy rain and high winds.

Of course, the big joke around town on Saturday was whether you survived the big storm. I'm still trying to figure out weather predictions, but found this after-the-fact analysis by the Associated Press to be interesting. At 11 feet, the storm surge in Galveston was much lower than predicted, too.

I can understand why the weather service might not be able to predict a storm surge that accurately. And I'd certainly be in favor of erring on the side of caution.

But the native south Texans all tell me it was clear we were on the dry side of the storm. Why didn't the weather service adjust its forecast earlier? By about 5 p.m. Thursday, we were reporting the storm was tracking to Galveston, but the voluntary evacuation for our area was still in place.

Are we overreacting since Katrina? I'm not really sure. What are your thoughts?